GridIron Football League Description

The GridIron "Master" Football League(GFL) is an association of players dedicatedd to the game of GridIron Master Football.

To be a member a player is required to register their team and submit game reports. Reports will be processed and standings published on this internet site.All team names are unique.

Game points are awarded as follows:   win=4 pts   tie=2 pts  loss=1 pt

Travel to game point bonuses are as follows:  >50 km<100 = 1 pts  >99 km<500 km =2 pts   >500 km=3 pts

Standings will be calculated using the average number of points per gametimes the number of games in order to reduce advantages for higly mobile players and single game entries. It is hoped that in the future regional tournaments, seasons, playdowns and playoffs will develop. Each December 31 a Canadian and American League Champion will be declared.

Teams will be attached to either the Canadian or American division depending on the edition of the game being reported. Players may belong to both leagues.

 Communications  for the GIMFL information will be through this web site and Standings will published through this web site.

If you have  comments or suggestions or you would like to facilitate a GMFL Chapter in your area please conctact us at GFL inquiries.

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